Hello my dear gentlemen! It’s a long I didn’t make you smile with my blog posts:) where have I been? What’s new? So, I was Enjoy in Berlin, spend a little time in my historical motherland in Ukraine. I’ve visited London for 2 days, and have a nice time in Hungary [more...]
Hello everyone! Very soon we celebrate lovely holyday! I wish for all of YOU as much as possible LOVE, SMILE and HAPPYNESS! Join to me 14/02 and get my special Valentine's surprise!) Happy Valentines day! Bonnie [more...]
Again and again my inspiration opnes to me for creations! Top hot news! Rewards Club and mobile application!   My private application is ready for use! Rewards [more...]
Hello my sexy gentelman! millions thanks for all of YOU for the attention to my quiz! I am really happy reward all winners with my special New Year Gift! So time to share with YOU right ansvers! 1.C I don't speak Polish, I can understand a little, but I don't speack Polish [more...]
Hello my dear! I am very happy to start New Year 2018 with my greatest memoies i have with all of YOU in 2017. I would like again to wish YOU all the best wishes and wonderful and easy 2018   Year! About my plans for 2018! 1. I will try make Lyon [more...]
Hello my dear customers! I have little New Year surprise for YOU! In our usual life it's a regular tradition to have New Year discounts. So I prepared a quiz for You. I have 10 discount cards! You can use it during a winter! So there are some questions about [more...]
Hello my dear gentelmen! As I pronisted to post my playlist, here is 1 part! Dubstep autumn mood '' hot bed produced by dudstep'' Next part will be very soon. XoXo, Yours Bonnie [more...]
Hello my sexy gentelmen! I hope all of YOU are well! Just ended my short German-Austrian city tours and just started my holidays! Finally I come back with the main theme of discussion. My French. At first I would like to thank for all of YOU fot YOUR patient for my long process of [more...]
Salute my best and sexy gentelmen! ......Made with love and passion..... Just 2 words can discribe my new photoshot and theu are love and passion. Yesterday I had 6 hours working at photostudio to make new PSE view in my gallery ''naughty school girl''. I hope all of YOU will be [more...]
Allors) my dear gentelmen, I hope all of You are fine) I am looking forward to start my February's city tours in my lovely France! My upcoming tours is vety special for me! On 22th of Ferbruary I celebrate my 25 Birthday and I'd be glade to share all my [more...]
Hello my lovely gentelemen! I am pleased to tell about upcoming city tours in December! Paris 6.12.2016-7.12.2016 Nantes 8.12.2016-9.12.2016 Paris 10.12.2016-14.12.2016 Reims 15.12.2016-15.12.2016 +33755313087 sms, viber, what's app, See You Soon.... Kisses Yours Bonnie [more...]
Hello my sexy customers. I am happy to tell you about my november city-tours. So, I start 8/11 Paris 8/11 - 11/11 Reims 12/11 - 13/11 Cannes 25/11-26/11 Nice 27/11-28/11 Monaco 29/11-30/11 [more...]
Hello dear customers. Hello Paris, Hello France. I put this selfie to show you my new selfie. And to show you how I am looking now.... I am the same like on my photos. I have the same view on my professional photos and on my private selfies. People who write [more...]
Hello ! This annonce like request for vistitors like porn studios, who looking for gorgeus and really beautiful porn actrees for proffetional movies (not mature) . I am the best serviese in France. I really do deepthroat very deep, hard, wet... My job is PSE serviece.... and the quality of [more...]
Hello my dears!!! I would like to show yoy my playlist which i use during our meeting. I had a few questions about my music. So here you are! p.s I haven't found all. so i have a little part of my music) [more...]
Alez les Bleus! It's a pleasure to make some support for France Football Team! I believe Euro2016 is only for French team! Alez la France! Alez les Bleus! [more...]
Hello my dear customers! My pleasure to come back to Paris and enjoy of our meetings during Euro2016. I prepared a special photosesion and little movie with best wishes for national footbal team of France. I am redy to start 8.June in Paris for one week. than Lyon 15-17 June [more...]
Hello my dear Customers!) I am preparing to next Paris tour and tour to Toulouse.                            But the most bigest work is my New Video.   It should be surpize....)))) and it is very sexy and with truh acrobatic. Here is a little part of my training)))) Without photoshop and without makeup))) See You in [more...]
Paris! I am ready for meet! +33755313087 See You Kisses [more...]
New selfies )))) trainings ) kisses [more...]
Apr 06 2016

Good News

Hello my wonderful customers! I hope YOU are fine!) Me too) And I am glad to tell YOU about my city tours!!! 9-12 April Paris 75015 12-14 April Lyon 14-20 April Paris 75001 In May.... Toulouse 15/05-17/05 Paris 17/05-18/05 June Lyon 16/06 Paris ??? July Nice [more...]
Hello dears! Paris tour 7/03-15/03 tel +33755313087 Only Sms please or Viber and Whats up Kisses [more...]
Hello dear! Hope you missed of my split? And I hope you are fine! So, on 22th was my birthday. And now I am 24 years old. And little private photo from my birthday....)my gift to myself, my cross. I come back very soon! Many kisses! I am totally missed for France and I [more...]
Hello my dear customers! Today is little fete of Love) I would like to wish for everybody ti Enjoy of love, to be in nice mood and many many many hot  french kisses! and of course to love and to be loved! Happy Valentine's Day! Kisses Bonnie [more...]
Jan 03 2016


I would like to apologise for last 2 days! I have some difficulties with my phone. I qsked so;eone to ansver for my phone... TOTALLY FALT! I apologies fol all who has booking and has some trouble.... I promise that I never do it again! Only me will be ansver for [more...]
Happy New Year my dears customers! I wish you many smiles and extraballs! Be Happy! Happy New Year!!! Yours Bonnie Many Kisses))))) [more...]
Dec 13 2015


WELCOME EVERYBODY!!! I am in Paris and ready to meet kisses [more...]
Hello my dear customers! Just a week has been ago I ended tour and I went home for my holidays . Now I am totaly missed for Paris and for YOU, my dears customers! trainings, exercise, splits, splits, and again more more splits.... ))))) Finally! I arrive 10 of December to Paris! [more...]
Hello my dears! I think sometimes you think why I have 2 profiles on my favourite 6annonce! Yes, there are both my profiles and I need it! for have a regular work! So guys, hope see you soon! Many kisses [more...]
Hello my dears! I am happy comeback again to Paris! My Paris tour 14.November-24.Nevember is started! see You soon) Many kisses Yours Bonnie [more...]
Well, I did it! I slide into the cross splits! Preparing to the next tour to Paris was spend by stretch oneself to do the cross splits. And a little erotic dancehas made to do my service more exiting... See You soon [more...]
Hello my dear customers! Many times I received requests and questions. I am redy to start, BUT... I don't know any hotels for work there. I would like to ask, if somebody knows work's hotel in Lyon. I will very thank for this information. Kind Regards Many Kisses [more...]
Je suis vraiment heureux et je l'ai déjà raté mon travail;))) A bientôt! Bisous P.S Je suis désolé si je traduisais pas droit ) [more...]
I am really happy and I've already missed my job ;))) See You very soon! Kisses [more...]
Very soon I'll show you my new photos. It has made yesterday) XoXo Yours Bonnie) [more...]
Hello my lovely custumers! I hope you are fine) I am very glad to come back to Paris again! Just 2 days remaining! !6.09.2015 from 15h00 to 28.09.2015 11h00) In a few days I upload my new photos....) Bon semaine à tous! A bientot) Bisous [more...]
2 weeks without Paris and I miss for my job)))) Really! So I am in Paris and I am always happy to see you in my hotel room! 18.08-20.08 Paris then I go to Nice 21.08-23.08..... A Bientot))) [more...]
Well, well, well... My Paris tour is ended, and now I have a little holidays. Next time you can see me in Nice may be...) I am glad of this tour and thank YOU my dears customers for your coming. I really love what I do!!! See YOU soon my [more...]
Time to go... Only 3 days left on this tour... Many kisses for all;) Kisses Xo Xo Yours, Bonnie;))) [more...]
Heures de travail: Lundi- Dimanche 08h00 - 23h00 1 heure: 220 2 heures: 400 3 heures: 550 4 heures: [more...] to be continued...) [more...]
Hello my dears! I'am going to my next tour to Paris. Tour date 16.o7.2015 - 2.08.2015 Now I have a little holiday...) See you soon. Kisses [more...]
Hello my dear custumers! I am so happy to be in Paris! I stay at 75015, and my contacts are the same. I havent here computer thats why the fastest way to make a booking it is my mobile +33 75 4473778, possible to use Viber or Wtats Up. I have [more...]
Hello me dear gentelmen! I am glad to take your sms and requests! Really! And I hope to meet you when I come back in Paris! I come back in Paris as soon as possible))) A few days I'll know more exactlier about my upcoming tour to Paris! Have a [more...]
Je voudrais vous féliciter à l'occasion de en ce jour international des Travailleurs! Et Je félicite le bonne humeur et un des vacances agréables! A bientôt, j'espère. Gros bisou... Bonnie [more...]
Dear gentelmen! I hope you will be glad to see me again in Paris. The tour starts on 5 of April.My learning french is succesfully that's way you can write me in french. It not easy for speaking but I understand what you say! See you soon! Kisses. Bonnie [more...]
Hello my dear) I continue my tour to 6.03  I always glad and ready to meet))))) See You my dear))))  +33 75 44 73 778    [more...]
Let me know if you are going to meet with me... See you soon. Tel +33 754473778 ( call & sms, viber, what's up) Skype bonnieprincess Twitter email [more...]
Here we go! I have the heart to tell about myself. I am Bonnie, I take pride my chic appearance and curvaceous figure. The gorgeous blond escort girl who want to see your joyful smile after our rendez-vous )) I really love what I do! And I do so more... [more...]