Oct 24 2017

Do I speack French?

Hello my sexy gentelmen!

I hope all of YOU are well!

Just ended my short German-Austrian city tours and just started my holidays!

Finally I come back with the main theme of discussion. My French.

At first I would like to thank for all of YOU fot YOUR patient for my long process of learning French. It's very kind and I happy to be YOUR "student" in French. I mean I have incredible practic of French with of of YOU.

So, what about my French? Yes, I can speak a little, but my prononcation isn't well.

And I understand translation of the words but to catch what do you mean it's not so easy. In this way google translator can't be helped. But every tour I go into French more more. And as I am native slavik and germanic languages and it has too big difference between French(Latin languages) and English, German(Germanic languages) and Russian, Slovak (Slavic languages). That's why it's so long process for me.

French will be my 6th language I speak and I will do all my best to improve my French and to start to speak French fluently as soon as I can. Thank YOU again for patient to me ) I hope very soon I'll speak well in beautiful French language.


XoXo Always

Yours Bonnie

Maxime: 2017-10-27 23:22:16
Bonnie when possible you come in Strasbourg? merci