Dec 15 2017

My New Year Surprise

Hello my dear customers! I have little New Year surprise for YOU!

In our usual life it's a regular tradition to have New Year discounts. So I prepared a quiz for You.

I have 10 discount cards! You can use it during a winter!

So there are some questions about me, if You answer right for all of it It means You know me well and like my loyality and thanks for that I gift You discount!

Possible to be only 10 first winners. Recomendations : my questions is very foxy, so take Your time to ansver!

I will recieve Your ansvers until 31/12/2017! P.S Discounts is avalaible only for meetings with duration 1 hour and more.


1. What of these languages I don't speack?

a. German                            c.Polish

b. Spanish                           d.Russian

2. My favorite Footbal Club?

a. Bayern München             c. Real Madrid 

b. PSG                                  d. Lyon OL

3. My favourite champagne is ...

a. G.H.Mumm                        c. Dom Perignon

b. Ruinart                              d. German Sekt

4. What service I never provide?

a. PSE                                    c. CIM

b. BDSM                                d. Dinner Date

5. Do You remember when was my first tour in France?

a. february 2015 

                 c. may 2014

b. december 2014                d. september 2016

6. My favourite football player is...

a. Manuel Neuer                   c. Cristiano Ronaldo

b. Bastian Schweinsteiger  d. Zinedine Zidane

7. What Country I was supported all period of EURO 2016?

a. France                               c. Germany

b. Portugal                            d. Nothern Ireland ;)))

8. The color of my eyes is ...

a. brown                                c. grey

b. blue                                   d. green


I am looking forward to recieve your answers! You can answer by mail :

or by sms, by whats app and by viber!)

Xo Xo

Yours Bonnie

Bonnie: 2017-12-25 12:03:41
hints: most of answers is here..) just look around:) Only 5 gifts left;) 2017-12-26 14:39:41
1-c. Polish 2-a. Bayern München 3-b. Ruinart 4-b. BDSM 5-a. February 2015 6-b. Bastian Schweinsteiger 7-a. France 8-d. Green