Jan 07 2018

Ready for right quiz' answers?

Hello my sexy gentelman! millions thanks for all of YOU for the attention to my quiz! I am really happy reward all winners with my special New Year Gift!

So time to share with YOU right ansvers!

1.C I don't speak Polish, I can understand a little, but I don't speack Polish Questions number 2, 6, 7 are on the strenght of each other.

2.C Real Madrid is my favourite FC, I was always supported it since 2002. The Goldest times - Casillas, Zidane, Raul, Roberto Carlos, Figo, Salgado....

7. A I supported France and mostly spent it in FanZones and Stadiums with singing all supportes songs.

6.D Of course it is Zizou, he played in Real Madrid and played in Equipe de France. And now he is the main coach in my favourite football team. (Real Madrid-Zidane-France)

3. Most people answered Dom Perignon, and to be honest I don't like this one. My number one is Ruinart, and GHMumm I am apreciate that some people remember it, and remember ma happyness after my visiting le Maison de GHMumm. A and B - both of variants is right!

4. B Never never never I never accept BDSM 5. B I arrived in Paris first time 13/12/2014 this answer is easy if YOU open my reviews. And finally number

8 D This hint is always at YOUR disposal in my appearence discription. I am apreciate recieved many answers! Thank YOU for found time and did it! Happy New Year 2018